How to answer "questions" set in the NFT

This is a guide to "credit" your name and "answer" to the "question" set in the NFT. You can write at this time, but please wait for the next milestone regarding the process of reflecting your answers in the content (AI) (Figure 3 NEN after learning below).

How to answer questions set in NFT
  1. Go to the
  1. Click on "MY_GENES" in the upper right corner of the screen and connect your wallet.
  1. A list of NFTs you own will be displayed, so click on the NFT you wish to answer.
  1. Click on the NFT, the "EDIT" screen will be displayed, and write "Answer" and "Credit" for the "question" set for each NFT.
    1. Please read the following notes before writing. Please be sure to read them before writing. 
  1. Click the "EDIT" button when the writing is completed.
  1. MetaMask will start up and you will pay the GAS fee for the write.
  1. After the payment is completed, check the NFT you have answered from "MY_GENES" after a while, and "Answer" and "Credit" should be reflected.
Notes on writing "Answer" and "Credit".
  • You can only write "Answer" and "Credit" to each NFT you own once!
  • The maximum number of characters, including spaces, that can be written is 20.
  • When writing, both "Answer" and "Credit" must be filled in to complete the EDIT.
  • Once written, "Answer" and "Credit" will be saved on the on-chain.
Regarding the secondary distribution of NFTs for which "Answer" and "Credit" have already been written
  • Once the NFT is distributed to the secondary distribution, the editing rights of "Answer" and "Credit" will be transferred to the buyer.
  • The "Answer" and "Credit" will not be overwritten until they are re-edited by the purchaser.