◆YouTube Live We will be doing a live YouTube streaming based on the NEN worldview.
This live streaming of characters is to be a reference to Japanese VTubers.
Depending on the future excitement, we will start from scratch using the AI delivery technology that Pictoria is currently implementing to start English broadcasting.
◆Anime / Manga Based on the ideas that have been collected using GENEs and the ideas that have been generated in the community, we will create an anime or manga.
After the first round of sales, AI other than NEN will also appear as characters.
It is envisioned that each AI Gene will appear in the collection.


◆Nuturing / talk to AIs You can talk to the AI in a community centered around Discord.
At first it will only speak very simple words using a simple algorithm.
NEN will grow as you give them words.
Eventually, we will collect a variety of data and grow the algorithm itself, creating state-of-the-art AI characters.
◆Events Discord and Twitter will be used for AI-based events.
For example, in the past, the Japanese TsumugiNen has used AI to create haiku and a system to rate friends.
There are also plans for events that allow people to feel the difference between multiple characters and to turn what the AI has created into NFTs.


◆Connect to Metavarse Create 3D models and worlds that can be used on the metaverse.
Spend time in the worlds where the AIs actually operate.
Eventually, we will grant you the right to preferentially purchase such 3D models and the privilege to enter their worlds.
◆Connect to Real World Create goods and fashion items