White list Manual

How to get a White List
  • We may also distribute a whitelist to those who submit questions for the Ask Me Anything session on TwitterSpace, so please check there as well.
Once you get the white list…
  • Congratulations! You have earned your NEN whitelist! This is your right to win NFT in the pre-sale that will be held prior to the public sale.
Steps to follow after obtaining
  • In the case of Twitter campaigns, management will contact you by DM. In some cases, we may require the winners to contact us, so please check the winner announcement tweet carefully.
  • Please send us your ETH wallet address and discord ID via DM. You must be on the NEN discord server (discord.gg/CnArFbMvTp).
  • Once on the discord server,go to the channel
  • In the channel, there is an application called that determines the whitelist winners on the discord, so please click to authenticate.
  • Once you have cleared authentication, you should have a on your roll.
  • If you clear the verification and it does not come up, it means that the management has not put your address into Guild.xyz. If you do not receive your address in 2 days, please contact us via on discord or DM on Twitter!
  • If you have initiated communication with us via Twitter DM, it would be much easier for us to manage your inquiry if you can send it directly to us via DM.
You have reached the end!
We look forward to having you as a NEN holder and building our community together!